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THE EMPATHY PATTERN A pacifist group from an alien counter-culture has come millions of light-years to earth during earth near-apocalyptic events.PLEASE CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE

 Karahijah or Kara as most call her is a well-respected doctor, beautiful, lesbian, and an alien. She is part of a group of a rebel group from a distant planet Tecla135, who has come to help the earth in the time of great ecological upheaval.
Kara and her medical assistant, Allie have grown close having worked together night and day, and built trust, and respect. That bond matures into something a bit more intimate and soon the two are lovers. It's during one of Kara and Allie's passionate interludes that Kara reveals a sacred and top-secret highly sensitive ability only inhabitants of Tecla135 possess.
The revelation of the ability is forbidden to all those, not from the planet Tecla135, and sharing the information mean certain execution by the planets security squad, The Monitors. Throwing caution to …

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