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THE THINGS YOU CAN DO IN ZERO GRAVITY!PROJECT NEPTUNE:TAWNY'S SPACE ADVENTURE Tawny and Blair meet while attending the space academy and learn about sex and makeup in their time together.

Two senior project leaders on the Solar Space Station share a torrid past. First meeting while attending the space academy, Blair learns about sex from Tawny, and Tawny learns about makeup. Those bits of shared knowledge spark an adventure that keeps them close, even after their graduation.

The ‘Friends With Benefits’ affair continues nearly a decade and as fate would dictate the two are both assigned to the Solar Space Station. Since they first met, the two women, now almost a decade older have gravitated toward a more erotic past time to satisfy their free time on the space station.

Using lesbian sex as a form of physical activity, a must while living in a zero-G environment, take every opportunity to work out and pump up their muscles. Some muscles get more attention than …

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