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Dystopian Despair, Desperate DesiresA pandemic has escalated an unrelenting civil war into a dystopian nightmare forcing the survivors, Dawn, Daisy, and their girlfriends to live like irrational savages.

Pandemics quarantines happening In the midst of relentless civil war has brought on a deep dark dystopian nightmare. Finding solace where they can, Dawn and Daisy find comfort in each other's arms during their first-ever lesbian affair. The euphoria doesn't last as the need for supplies calls them out of bed early to raid a deserted dollar store,
The two girls and the other members of their group find the abandoned store they had been alerted of, and skim what they can, then prepare to leave. Unfortunately, they are discovered by another savage band of scavengers who takes offense at them by invading their.
The girls are led away by the aggressive group of women and they are locked in two store rooms until their leader has had time to determine what to do with them. Daisy and Da…

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