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The Wrong Woman: Lena and Carolyn are in love with each other. They just haven't told each other yet. Lena turns to a mature friend, Sam, to help Lena make the first move.

Lena is a young girl very much in tune with her lesbian life style. She is in a causal relationship with older Sam and asks her for ideas for approaching her real love Carolyn.

Carolyn has been madly in lust with Lena, ever since she saw Lena in a leopard bikini at a pool party, but because of her background, she is not comfortable letting her true feeling towards Lena come out. So she settles for erotically fantasizing about her and Lena, and watching he sexy older neighbor undress every night from her window.

Sam reveals a three step plan for Lena, to make her desires know to her lover, Carolyn. It starts with buying a sexy baby doll nightie as a Christmas gift. The second is to house sit at Sam's house, to get Carolyn alone. The third step is all up to Lena and Carolyn.

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Alien Emotions

Blues in the Dark

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