The Guardians of Earnanæs

This is the story of Beo, who lives in a society of lesbian warriors, who left old earth for a radical lifestyle on Planet Earnanæs. The old earth colony is now several centuries old.

Beowulf or Beo to her friends, lives on Earnanæs, a radically different society developes on the planet colonized by lesbian warriors from Old Earth, many centuries ago. She live in a town called Geat with her family unit, called a ‘Guardianship’ with her two female guardians, Thegns and Scyld, and a younger ward Unferth.

The life on the planet is designed as a lesbian retreat for tourists and provides a vigorous lifestyle for the inhabitants. Sexual activity, in this society, is connected to female combat, wrestling, grappling ect. So intertwined are they, that each rite of passage is marked by a ceremonial wrestling match where sexual domination and humiliation define the winning combatant. Wrestling and sex are interchangeable concepts.

Beowulf, becomes attracted to an alien friend of one of her Guardians, by the name of Grendel Corax, and the relationship developes into a serious thing. Grendel is a member of the Galactic Space Command called Space Guild , and Beo desparately want to follow in her lover’s foot steps and join her so the two of them can see the universe up close and personal.

The biggest obstacle for Beo is learning to live along side males. In her life she has only seen or talked to a handful and is not really sure she can adjust to that experience. Grendel offers her lover, advise and support and promises to keep her out of trouble.

Beowulf discovers that leaving Earnanæs, with her alien lover is going to be the most life changing event of her young life, she prays she is up to the challenge.


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