Prisoner of Urshanabi: Gilgamesh Agga (Gill) is a prisoner of war, captured by the hated Urshanabi and forced to compete in gladiatorial sex fights

Gilgamesh or Gill to her friends, is a warrior in the Akkadian military. During a very bloody battle, she is severely wounded and rendered unconscious, and latter captured by the enemy.

The Urshanabi, a more scientificly advanced race, repair all the damages to Gilgamesh and she is given a caretaker to look after her needs. But she learns that all this kindness comes with a price. She is a prisoner of war and is being rehabilitated to compete in a gladiatorial style combat.

The combat, her new owner explains, is extreme sex fighting. against many different species, and genders. The rules are constructed, not with the needs of the combatants in mind but of the enjoyment of the crowds that throng to the arena to watch the lascivious battles.

Gilgamesh befriends several of her fellow captives, Enkidu, or Enki, is one such friend, a plasma elf with the power of mind control, and a confirmed lesbian. The two become close and help each other during their captivity.

Both women, excel at the combat games and are victorious over both male and female contestants. But the games run the risk of causing the combatants to become 'jaded' in their sexual appetites and special bio devices are implanted in the prisoners to insure they are always alert and aroused on command.


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