The Mistress of Cyber Sex may find you, and take you to a place so exquisitely delicious you may never want to return.

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  Penny Nichols, part time grocery clerk, computer hacker and full time lesbian, mysteriously comes up missing without a trace. Cyber Detective Ursula Defore is assigned the task of finding her.

Slacker Millennial, Penny Nichols, is addicted to the internet. So much so, she is seduced by an entity channeling itself through cyberspace via her computer. The erotic cyber seduction soon leads to Penny's disappearance. Her whereabouts are a mystery and there doesn't seem to be a clue as to where she has gone.

Cyber Detective Ursula Defore, stumbles upon Penny’s missing person's report, and does a deep dive into the particulars. What she learns is strange, and a bit scary. It seems as though Penny has just ceased to exist. But Ursula does get a slight whiff of a clue.

Searching Penny's apartment, Ursula discovers the computer belonging to Penny. Confiscating the computer, Ursula analyzes the PC and finds, the name of an ambiguous Corporation, that is located in New York City. The Rotas Corporation.

Sharing her findings with her boss, the Detective is soon on her way to NY to have a meeting with the people at Rotas Corporation, in hopes of getting to the bottom of this strange missing person's case. Little does Ursula realize the adventures that lay ahead of her, as the sexy and lusty mystery unfolds, one erotic detail at a time.


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