Mrs. Anders' loves having young Becca stop at her house and eat cookies and visit and cheer her up. But, a strange thing happens to them,  when Becca eats Mrs. Anders' chocolate brownies.

Down a long deserted street, in a ramshackle house, lives old Mrs. Anders. Becca, a chubby college student, religiously visits Mrs. Anders, mainly to eat her fresh baked chocolate brownies.

The relationship is, however, synergistic and has goes on for over a month, and Becca is oblivious to the effect she has on the older woman. Mrs. Anders, though, is not unaware of the changes that happen to her and her body during the visits but is hard pressed to explain the reaction.

Becca on entering the home of Mrs. Anders and embracing her, succumbs to a hallucinogenic euphoria and the older woman transforms into a much younger person, something that has Mrs. Anders using the young woman for her own selfish erotic pleasures.

Unknown to either woman, their connection was causing a permanent change to both of them. In the end, one of the women is left lustily pursuing her dreams and the other is dust in the wind.

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