Now you know what the old cliche means...


Sybil and Daphne are in a loveless relationship. Sybil tries to patch things up by condescendingly buying Daphne a rare music box she has always wanted. 

Sybil Petersen buys her partner, Daphne, a music box --without knowing the price she would have to pay.

Stuck in a relationship going nowhere, both partners, Daphne and Sybil are trying their best to avoid the inevitable. Sybil even brings home a gift to Daphne that she has wanted since her childhood.

An intricately carved, Russian music box, was Sybil's feeble attempt at pacifying her frustrated wife, and Daphne, sees through her loveless, disingenuous attempt at making amends causing both women to blow up over the offering. Each thinking the other is being insensitive or ungrateful.

The Box however conveys more surprises by its presence, than either woman ever dreamed. For Daphne, it is a godsend, and answer to her prayers. To Sybil however, it becomes the bane of her existence. It even seems the wood creation goes out of its way to antagonize Sybil. And the tension mounts within their relationship.

Daphne can't wait to show her secret lover, Miranda the unique and beautiful gift. When Miranda comes to visit, Daphne with the help of the Music Box mesmerize Miranda into a wild an erotic afternoon.

Later that same day, Sybil arrives home from work finding Miranda still with Daphne, and is instantly suspicious of the two women, and flies into a rage. Using the Music box as the cause of her rage. But the squabble escalates, and Sybil throws both Miranda and Daphne from the house, keeping the music box. An action, more to spite her ex-lover than because of any sentimental reason.

Daphne and her lover, several weeks later, learn of Sybil's unexplained death and come the house to see the body, and discuss the circumstances of the death with the doctor. Miranda bone chilling doubts about the doctor's findings plague Miranda and Daphne, and both wonder if the dead woman was the victim of something more fantastic than a broken neck.

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