Jordan and Lillian are nurses training for a scientific expedition to Antarctica. They learn about shared bodily warmth, and each other.  On a very erotic weekend

Jordan is a 19 year old nursing student, and Lillian is a 39 year old retired Army nurse. Both have been selected for a secret operation to Antarctica, searching for evidence of alien landings over 40,000 years ago.

The two are a generation apart yet there is a spark between the perky teen and the mature Army vet. The spark so intense, they begin to share more than study notes and shared bodily warmth.

After a particularly grueling week of study, the two meet for breakfast at Jordan's place and the spark they have, ignites into a flame that burns brightly and long. The two nurses end up spending the weekend in bed, working on their cardio system and their physical stamina.

At the same time, the younger Jordan, learns that the mature Lillian, can keep up the intense pace, set by the lusty teenager, and it soon becomes a competition, at its Climax the winner ends up on top.


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