Zi Yuan, a young Chinese engineer has suffered several disappointments in her job. Still wallowing in self-pity, she receives a call from a mysterious art collector that may change her world.

Zi Yuan has been passed over, again, for a promotion at work. She is a victim of the ‘Glass Ceiling’ mentality; one that focuses on the proper gender and ethnicity. She just can't seem to get a break.

Depressed by the vicious slight at work, a phone call from a mysterious collector, a ‘mysterious Asian man’, who is interested in buying an heirloom she recently inherited, allows her to forget her career issues and she goes home an relaxes, which usually means a little self-pleasuring.

At the crest of her passionate self-love, she becomes aware of someone in her bedroom watching her. How did they get in? What did they want? In a swirling mysterious sequence of events, the answer to that question and the remainder of the mystery unfolds and her life changes trajectory for the better.


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