There as many fetishes as there are fantasies, but never as life like a the one's Erin Christian experiences.

Erin is recently divorced and owns a boutique lingerie business. When the new photographer she has hired for the catalog pictures causes her libido to spike. She can’t get her out of her dreams.

Erin a recently divorced single parent, attends to her sexual needs by way of a rich fantasy life and self-love. That is until she hires a new photographer, Roni, and she joins the company.

Never a lesbian, Erin has a hard time justifying to herself as to why all her fantasies, while masturbating, and when she dreams, are about participating in lesbian sex. Most recently the fantasies and the dreams have focused on her new employee.

It takes six weeks before the two of them realize they are both turned on by each other. Following an evening of fine dining and raucous dancing they return to Roni's house and get to know each other in the biblical way. Some of Erin’s fantasies are explored, and pent up passion that had been building inside is released.

Erin embraces the lesbian way of love, which only intensifies her lesbian fantasies more. She obsesses over her lover Roni, and then one of her models, Monique. In the end, the Erin and Roni, settle into a stable relationship and Erin surprises her lover Roni, asking for sexual activities that are off the chart so much, that they shock even the long time lesbian Roni.

It's then that Roni realizes she has a fantasy fetish, of her own.


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