The year is 2062, the sexual revolution has been reignited by generations of liberals and anarchy of the youth culture.

A story of several you women dealing with life in the year 2062, Mikki, Jessie, Elizabeth, Ashley and Monique.

Living in an evolved society where sexual mores are merely suggestions, the women must adjust to life in each social class they live in. Life borders on debauchery and anarchy.

Mikki is a working class girl, and lives the life of hard work, hard drinking and sex. Jessie is from an upper class family, a college student with a talent for writing and an imagination for sexual positions. Always tryiing to keep one step ahead of her older sister.

Elizabeth is from a conservation religious cult, the Pilgrims, that holds to the contrarian to attitude the status is what is wrong with and causing the depravity in the world, who get left in the real world after a religious demonstration and is rescued from the hands of the lacivious population by Mikki.

Ashley is Elizabeth's sister who has fallen away from the religious cult and wants desparately to reunite with her sister. Ashely is an erotic entertainer, and works in the most debauched Club in the country. This creates a startling reaction from her younger sister when she visits her at the club.

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