The Relic of Perversion

 Political prisoner Abigail, is offered a chance at freedom, if she will go back in time and kill the Coven leader of an ancient religious cult

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Abigail is doing time in prison for trafficking in white slave trade, prostitution and just about any other type of human bondage.

She is offered a chance to gain her freedom, if she will travel back in time, to kill a Coven Leader, or a Religious Cult Leader, the details are not entirely clear on that matter. She is given a relic, to aid in the identification, from the time period, that has the leaders DNA on it. Her mission is to get sample DNA from the living leader, and then assassinate her and return to her own time and match the samples.

The relic is an ancient phallic symbol and has been hidden for centuries to keep adversaries from gaining knowledge of the leaders true identity. For a slaver like Abigail, the job is a piece of cake.

But all is not as it seems and the mysterious leader, Abigail stalks, is difficult to find. And when it becomes clear exactly who the leader is, the result is overwhelming to Abigail and she realizes, the knowledge will have repercussions on her, the Orator who sent her on the mission and the people gathered to witness the leader's execution.


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