Just released for the end of the month. Five great stories, filled with exciting post apocolypic terror, dystopian fear and wacky fantasy.  And of course, lots of lesbian erotica.

Lennon Read a Book on Marx: Mrs. Anders' enjoys young Becca visiting her and eating brownies which cheers her up. But, a strange thing happens to them, when Becca eats Mrs. Anders' brownies.

Mistress of Cyber Sex: Penny Nichols, part time grocery clerk, computer hacker and full time lesbian, mysteriously comes up missing without a clue. 

Outside the Box: Sybil and Daphne are in a loveless relationship. Sybil tries to patch things up by condescendingly buying Daphne a rare music box she has always wanted.

Reflections from Beyond: Zi Yuan, a young Chinese engineer has been passed over in her job. Still wallowing in self-pity, she receives a call from a mysterious ... art collector that may change her world.

Zaren - Mage of the Fifth Power: Zaren, a magician under the spell of the evil witch, Xandrosia, has teamed up with Sonoy an heroic figure, to recover eight pearls to undo her spell.

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