Feather writes about the  post apocolyptic world she lives in, and the all female agri-colony of Cinder Brook

The colony of Cinder Brook is inhabited by young muscular girls, who grow a special herb called Duohalt. The herb is the source of the girls' muscularity, and also a source of income. Life is good for the women of Cinder Brook

The seemingly idylic world is disrupted when a raging wild fire destroys the entire crop of Duohalt. It becomes necessary for them to go to the dangerous city of Hauer, to get themselves back in the Duohalt business. But in Hauer, they must deal with the Subjugators, a group of anarchistic barbarians that thrive on enslaving the girls of Cinder Brook and forcing them into deadly Blood Sport Games.

Feather and her girl friend Sun-Girl are selected to Haurer and get past the Subjugators and bring back their needs for the Duohalt business. The mission, will be dangerous and the likelihood of everyone returning is not good. So, the night before leaving, Feather and Sun-Girl, celebrate the Spirit Dance, a ritualize time of naughty behavior, to get them prepared for the upcoming danger.


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