Hope is a survivor of a post-apocalyptic nuclear war on Earth. She believes she is the only survivor until after the war Rhoda appears

Life after a total nuclear war, on Earth, is apocalyptic to say the least. Hope has survived, somehow and believes she is the only survivor. Until after six months alone, Rhoda walks into her life, blue radiation suit and all.

Hope has been long without companionship, so her welcoming of Rhoda is overwhelming to the new arrival. She has presumed the other's instant friendship and leaves the speechless Rhoda puzzled.

Their friendship does develop and soon loneliness drives them to intimacy and closeness. However just as the world is looking like a better place to live, Rhoda becomes ill from radiation poisoning. Before getting sick she related to Hope that she in part of a group of survivors and Peter, their leader is coming to take them to a safer place.

Peter, shows up, with Rhoda near death. He does his best and feels there is no cure for Rhoda. But Hope has faith, and impresses on Rhoda, faith and trust will help her through the illness.

Peter and Hope quarrel over the situation regarding Rhoda and in confused anger, Hope falls down a flight of stairs. When she wakes, Peter is there to tell her Rhoda has died. Hope is devastated. She now must decide if she want to remain where she is or go with Peter to the larger group.


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