Zaren - The Mage of the Fifth Power

Zaren, a magician under the spell of the evil witch,  Xandrosia, has teamed up with Sonoy an heroic figure, to recover eight pearls to undo her spell.


Sonoy and Zaren have joined a band of Amazon mercenaries to raid the land of the Rator and battle the diabolical Arepo for the treasure of the ancient city.

Zaren and Sonoy have a close bond, one that mystifies the group they are with. Zaren, a Magician is under the spell of an evil witch, Xandrosia, that has left him disfigured and misshapen. He needs to find the eight precious pearls of Opera, to lift the spell. Joining the band of treasure hunters is an idea of genius and they are the perfect companions to help in Zaren's quest.

Over time the perplexed fellow travelers, push Sonoy to explain why the intelligent, handsome and brave, warrior Sonoy would be so close with the hunchbacked Zaren. The close attachment of Zaren and Sonoy is finally revealed in a two part story Sonoy tells the group as they travel to their raid.

The tale, Sonoy tells the travelers, is one of how he and Zaren first met and the mess Zaren got Sonoy out of. Shedding light on the bond that has built between. But some are not so sure that is the entire story. The bond seems much closer than that.

The raid on the Arepo, and the sacking of Rator has reaped the band a handsome treasure, and to make it a near perfect raid, three more pearls, Zaren desperately needs are found. Still short of the needed amount, their escapades must continue if they ever wish to save Zaren and return Zaren back to normal.

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