The impending invasion of her homeland, Lyta,  causes Jayna to be called to duty  by her empress to defend her homeland.

Drafted into the Imperial army to defend her homeland, Jayna is excited for the chance to leave her small village of Song River and experience new and maybe even exciting things.

Jayna goes through an intense basic training and learns quickly how the other women deal with the separation from their lovers back home. Much to Jayna's delight.

The day of battle arrives, and Jayna's battalion is routed and send running, Jayna is left to fend for herself, not knowing where to go she begins her trek through a dense forest and her wild odyssey begins.

 An odyssey far more intense than the only taste of war she had that left her retreating in shame.

Her meeting with Emerald and Mahogany the slaves to the Mistress of the Timber a Hermaphrodite Satyr, is her first taste of the real world in her realm is really like.


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