Mistress Zeta Mornook

Sideway Through Time

Zeta Mornook, Alien Defender from Triton, defends the planet Earth from a diabolical zombie attack


Mistress Mornook has come to Earth from the Neptune moon of Triton. Sensing her powers would be well served on that planet. She enlists a trio of comely females to assist her with her needs, both personal and in battle against the Evil Witch.

The evil witch, Sagitari Thur is found by Zeta’s search sideways through time in the Astral Plane. The witch has rallied a small army of female zombies, and has them tasked with seeking living females on earth, and draining them of the contents of their Bartholin Gland

Mistress Z discovers the attack will come during the night, and she keeps vigil with her three charges to ward off the impending evil attack. Mistress Z has her willing trio of apprentices entertain her to while away the hours of the dark and unholy night. The entertainment gravitates as usual toward the erotic and debauched.


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