What if? In the distant future, society has made it a law that to bear children it mus be within a Triad arrangement. A Threesome...


The distant future, marriage and childbearing are carried out in a three person arrangement, a Triad. A nostalgic throwback to the 20th century free love movement of the ‘hippie generation’.

The advancement in bio genetics and the ascendency of the once lost 'Thal species, brings about a change in the accepted process of marriage. The requirement of three participants, male, female plus and additional co-mate either male or female is the new standard.

The courting process, evolved over centuries, began with Evolet, Tulu and D'Leh. The process was not precise but was more efficient in the procreation process. It was easily adopted by the new rising 'Thal population and brought about a resurgence in the growth of a population once thought lost forever.

That infamous, day in the lives of the three participants seems random and hardly seem compatible for any form of 'partnership'. But on this night all the stars are aligned and the proper chemistry kicks in and the inaugural triad is successfully unveiled.


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