Agatha, was turned over two centuries ago. Her existence as a vampire has been a never ending torture since she allowed Constance to turn her.


Agatha was in love with Constance before her turning. Constance manipulated Agatha into allowing herself into becoming a vampire, an action that Agatha has regretted ever since.

Constance had seen Agatha as nothing more as a plaything, and by turning her she believed she would have her as her plaything forever. Agatha chafed under the domination of her 'sire' because it just added to her endless misery.

But Agatha has recently discovered nineteen year old Rosalind, and Rosalind has captured Agatha's lust, and need for her own plaything. This causes Agatha some confusion. She sees in Rosalind, herself many year ago, but she fights the urge to become like Constance and ruin Rosalind for the rest of eternity, to satisfy her own lust. The doubt that wells up in Agatha is a constant reminder of her hatred for Constance, and Agatha is at time paralyzed in her actions, in her ability to make a choice.

One thing Agatha know for certain is that she will not allow this situation to consume her and drive her mad. She realizes she must act. Is she making the right decision?


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