A Story that began 5,000 years ago.


Sarah Winters has been named the Special One, the lone Predator Assassin. But she is joined by Bianca also an Assassin.


The small town of Aurora IN, is home to the Earth's only Predator Assassin. Sarah Winters. She is a second year college student and spends her nights ridding the planet of Predators. Alien beings half vampire, half zombie and completely inhuman.

Sarah performs her lonely task, with the aid of friends, and likes it that way. That is until she is felled in battle and succumbs to death. But with the aid of her allies, she is brought back to life, at least clinically. However not before another Special One is named. Haitian beauty, Bianca. Now the Predators must deal with twice the ferocity of their sworn enemy.

Bianca and Sarah meet during an intense graveyard battle and both are wondering if they will work well together. Each women gain the other's trust during the ensuing battle and the two of them agree to find a quiet place to get acquainted. Things move quickly from there. Leading to naked showers and physical bedroom acrobatics.


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