Caught in a 'CROSS PHASE'

In a dystopian society ruled by the female of the species, a young girl named 'kitty' is picked to be a sub for beautiful  blonde Mistress

Regina Prince is an unemployed high school graduate. Because of her situation, Regina is resigned to the fact that she must be taken in by a Mistress as her life will always be that of a submissive.

Her new Mistress renames Regina, kitty, and forbids her to use the personal pronouns when describing herself or her action, always referring to herself in the third person. The stipulations of her very beautiful Mistress are not difficult for kitty to accept and soon within a short time is seems to kitty she has been accepted by her Mistress and settled into her new life.

The unexpected happens to disrupt kitty’s tranquil life. Mistress has decided she needs two subs, to entertain her, and look after her needs. This is a slap in the face to kitty and is not looking forward to a new addition to her and the Mistress' relationship.

Luna is chosen as the second sub for Mistress, and she does the unthinkable. Instead of working for the two subs to work in harmony serving her, she pits the one against the other in arranged combat to see which of the subs is the most dominant. Her fate is uncertain as the much bigger Luna is certain crush kitty with little effort. But things aren't what they seem and in the end a glimmer of hope emerges for kitty.


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