Iris and Stella are hated enemies. The problem with that, is they have the hots for each other but won’t admit to it. 

Stella is a witch, and vampire hunter. Iris is a vampire. They are by nature arch enemies. But the feud is clouded by the fact that each secretly is attracted to the other.

After exchanging a kiss following an argument in a cemetery, both women realize there is an attraction that goes beyond the realm of the hunted and the hunter. Both the witch and the vampire struggle to understand the situation.

Things get even more confusing after Stella announces to her parents, in front of the Coven that she is a lesbian. Her mother and father, in their anger at her, let slip a dark secret about their daughter and Stella storms from their house in anger and confusion. The only person to share her despair with seems to be Iris.

Stella risks quite a bit by confiding in the vampire, and has mixed feelings giving her the knowledge. Stella is attracted to her, but can she trust her. The ensuing events prove to reveal a lot about each other and where their loyalties lie.


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