An attractive widow decides to bicycle along the Appalachian Trail in search of adventure

A mature widow, explores the sites and takes in the legends of rural life along the Appalachia trail. Stopping for lunch in the idyllic town of Winchester, she learns of the legend of the Harker Mansion and the vampire curse that has been placed on it since the 17th century.

While eating lunch, the widow’s cute goth waitress, Kika, offers to take the widow on the tour of the Mansion. During the trip to the mansion, Kika reveals several dark secrets about herself and is amazed the widow is not turned off by her story or the legend.

They arrive at the mansion and meet the current Lord and Lady, Violet and Fitzroy Harker. The unconventional behavior of the owners of the mansion, fascinate the widow. With the urging of her guide and fellow traveler, Kika, she avails herself of all their hosts have to offer.

Accepting the offer plunges the widow into an erotic encounter the likes of which she will never see the end of. Linking her to Kika forever.


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