An intergalactic traveler is in search of female gladiators, to take back to her planet for entertainment.

A dark and mysterious space traveler arrives on Earth, looking to find females to compete in gladiatorial combat on her home planet of Sator.

After a very long search, she finds Margot, a woman that engages in female combat regularly, and at the moment she is about to be engaged in a fight with another female Elena. Believing this will be an ideal way to make the selection of a suitable candidate she transports them across town, to an abandon building.

Once the shock of the sudden transportation wears off, the two resume their fight as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened. Obviously the Satorian realizes there is intense animosity between the two which is all the better. She sits and watches in silent appreciation.

The battle ensues, and a winner is declared, but not after a great deal of humiliation to the loser. This has proven to the alien that the winner is just what she needed to return to her planet with. The alien reveals her intent to take the winner with her, and is demonstrative about her lust for the winning woman.


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