In a dystopian world, that is locked in a war, an evil force, La Tuerie threatens the lives of all humanity.

Kelley has always known war; she was born into it. The evil in the dystopian world in which she exists, has left her the only remaining member of her very religious family.

She befriends several survivors of the latest attack and are on the run from La Tuerie and his allies the Vampires. They hide in the cellar of a friend, and seem safe for the time being, but the normalcy is slammed back into terror as she and her lover Kenzi find that everyone in the house has been slaughtered, leaving only their blood as a reminder of their existence.

Kelley and Kenzi dash to escape the dwelling and take to the highway, but when Kelley gets into the car, she finds Kenzi's dead body, slaughtered by the evil of La Tuerie. Alone she decides to return to her original place of birth, in hopes of finding respite from the terror that has followed her for too long.

Feeling safe in her homeland, Kelley gets lulled into complacency, and is spotted by a vampire queen and is turned by her. But Kelley learns that even her belief in the almighty will not save her, as she is brought into the fold of the undead. She discovers the Vampire queen has an agenda in bringing Kelley into the coven. Kelley's extermination is her sole goal.


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