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THE BITE:Darla, goes to her birthday party without her lover Beth because they are fighting. She may never go back to her girlfriend Beth. Ever! 

Christina, a mysterious woman at Darla's birthday party, seduces the guest of honor and in the heat of passion, turns Darla into a vampire. But not just any vampire. Darla is now something of a uber vampire.

Darla, it so happens, is having a spat with her live in girlfriend, Beth, and is the reason she is at the birthday party alone. Darla learns quickly that the mysterious lady, Christina is full of surprises and not just in bed.

The sudden windfall of meeting Christina and becoming a vampire begins to sink in to Darla's head and she begins to run with it, as if she has been a vampire all her life. Still at the party she amasses a bevy of subservient 'slaves' into her world and plans on never having to fight with her girlfriend Beth ever again.

URGENT ACTION: Rhonda is addicted self-pleasuring. But something has happened to prevent her from engaging in that activity.

Rhonda is a thirty something single mom that has a real addiction to self pleasurement. It has taken control of her life, waking her up in the night with an urgent desire for relief. On one particular day, while resting from a long solo session, her girlfriend Stacey shows up and gloats to her about her recent trip and the awesome signet ring she bought while on the trip.
Stacey drones on and on about her wonderful time and her ring, and Rhonda actually falls asleep during her story. Waking sometime after Stacey leaves, Rhonda feels like something weird happened. But she can't put her finger on it. Stacey comes by Rhonda's place several more times and begins her story about her trip, and it happens again, each time, Rhonda fell asleep and left alone by Stacey. Frustrated, Rhonda, turns to her reliable stress reliever, but finds she can't respond and is unable to achieve the desired result.
Eventually, Rhonda puts all the pieces together and realizes what the issue is and tells Stacey about her problem. But, for some reason Stacey is not very understanding and leaves Rhonda really upset. Rhonda is at a loss and gets desperate and decides to take matters into her own hands. But, will she be able to resolve the issue?


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