A space agency reporter Randi, is taken for an adventure on a mysterious intergalactic vessel by its equally mysterious pilot.

Randi is inexplicably invited about a space vessel by its mysterious pilot Dale. Their awkward first meeting sets the tone for the encounter the two will have aboard the ship. Both Dale and Randi work to keep each of their orientations under wraps. Randi a lesbian in denial, and Dale gender blurred individual.

The pilot, Dale, is a puzzling person. As the adventure unfolds, a horrific story of an abused child, is revealed to Randi leaving the Space Reporter dumbfounded. After the emotional story the awkwardness wears off, and the two reach a middle ground, and Dale goes on to explain, an obsession with space travel, and how the space vessel was created and how Time Travel was discovered.

It becomes obvious to Randi, Dale still carries the scars of an abusive childhood and is making any interpersonal relationship between the two, very difficult.
Undaunted, Randi takes to the challenge, and plots to get Dale's entire story and what the space traveler know about alien life outside the earth's solar system.

Randi, believes the chances of ever building a relationship with the strange space captain are doubtful. But Dale, true to the enigmatic personality, shocks Randi yet again, and opening the door for them to test more boundaries than the Solar System.


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