Nisaba has been sent, by the ruling triumvirate of her planet Nibiru, to the planet Inanna to aid in a genetic engineering project.

Five hundred thousand years ago, the inhabitants of the planet Nibiru began colonization of selected planets in search for gold, an element necessary for Nibiruian survival.

Nisaba, a learned scientist, was part of the initial exploratory group. The group discovers the planet Inanna has all the gold the Nibiruians would ever want. The major problem was finding available resources to mine the mineral.

The use of the indigenous life forms is the obvious solution but in their current they can’t be controlled. So they are bred with Nibiruian genetic material through in vitro fertilization creating a hybrid that can be controlled by the Nibiruians.

Nisaba takes exception to the process and the treatment of the Brids That results in causing her to run afoul of the Supreme Trinity and she is stripped of all her Nibiruian genetically superior traits and sent to live with the planet hybrids or Brid.

Now as a Brid, Nisaba is exposed to reality among the Brids, and to the experience of sex. Specifically Lesbian sex. Can she adjust to the exposure?


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