Koori, the Princess Ardella, is a vampire on the run through the Solar System because of her deadly insatiable needs

Princess Ardella or Noori, and her traveling companion Felina, are fleeing on of the Uranus moons for another because of Noori, or Princess Ardella's vampire activities.

The two travelers are awaiting the departure of their transport, when Koori spots a very attractive young girl, a college student standing in the shadows kissing her female lover. The sight causes the burning needs in Koori to reach a critical level and she promptly invites the blonde into their first class accommodations. The young girl, Karana, willingly accepts the invitation.

The trip in first class is one of debauchery and lust. Both Felina and Koori avail themselves of the lovely Kanana's young nubile form. The young girl is exposed to much, not the least of which is the blood lust of the two lesbian vampires.

Felina tries without much success to keep Noori's hungers in check, but when she realizes her attempts are futile she makes arrangements to relocate herself, Noori and Kanana into another part of the Solar System. The plan is too late as Noori leaves too many victims in her wake, and Felina knows that Noori must be stopped. Can Felina do what is needed in dealing with her longtime friend.


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