Captain Pamela Ryan, has gone in business for herself, hiring her ship and crew out to the highest bidder.

Pamela Ryan is a formal Naval Officer who resigned her commission to own her own ship and do inter planetary hauling to the highest bidder. The tension of their first shipment has put the Captain and crew on edge and each is dealing with that tension in their own way.

A last minute call from her very first client, demanding a meeting before setting off on the delivery, creates even more tension as Captain Ryan must taxi to the Dock Yards and make the introduction. The client and crew used as security are a bit saltier than Pamela is used to dealing with. When Pamela asks about the cargo they will be hauling she is given an evasive answer, implying that that information would be coming when the time was right. But the meeting seemed to go off without a hitch even hauling a mystery cargo..

Pamela returned to the ship, after the freight is prepared for loading, and finds the stressed out crew, doing their best to relieve tension. Much to Pamela's concern, she fears the raucous behavior of the crew will cause her team to lose focus on the first job.

As ship the Omega lifts off, and leaves the gravitational pull of the planet below, Pamela realizes the cargo she is carrying is still a mystery to her. Somewhere in the back of her mind, a voice is telling her something is odd about the entire job.

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