Valerie is turned into a vampire while making love to her girlfriend. The repercussions of that action take a strange twist.

Valerie has no memory of her change into a vampire. However the effects of the change are quick and startling.

It manifested itself with a heightened sense of sexual arousal in others, and it continued on to her own elevated libido. Next her sleep is affected into a series of horrifying dream, that become difficult to determine if they are real or fantasy.

The reality of her transformation hits her in the face when she learns that every event she has dreamed, actually happened. Her sister, Pamela, a police officer tells Val and her family the perpetrator has to be a female. The DNA proves that.

Eventually, Val meets up with the person that turned her, and killed her lover. The Countess Bianca is the 'queen' of the Vampires and brags to Val about her actions. And for good measure makes Val her slave.

Val accepts her fate reluctantly but begins to plot a way to get out from under Countess Bianca's thumb. And her opportunity finally presents itself, after Val and Bianca have completed a rather exhaustive lovemaking session.

Valerie strikes, and relishes the feel of revenge, and it is during that time that she experiences her first 'Quickening' a violent physical reaction to ‘dethroning’, in a manner of speaking, another vampire.

Bianca is now out of her way, and Val takes control of Bianca’d dark group of followers. She is intent on making some lasting changes.
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