These ladies are...OUT FOR BLOOD

This collection focuses on gorgeous and charismatic girls who refuse to accept the status quo.

Six previously released stories in one volume. The collection is about women who are renegades, who at time take up the fight for the underdog, while searching for a meaning in their often puzzling world.

THE BLEEDER: A century old vampire, Whitney, searches for a girl Friday, to watch over her while she sleeps.

THE FEEDING: Middle aged school teacher, Laura is saved from a mugging by a strange dark clad, teenage girl with an unbelievable secret.

THE HUNTED: Iris and Stella are hated enemies. The problem with that, is they have the hots for each other but won’t admit to it.

THE INITIATE: An attractive widow decides to bicycle along the Appalachian Trail in search of adventure.

THE SELECTION: An intergalactic traveler is in search of female gladiators, to take back to her planet for entertainment.

THE BITE: Darla, goes to her birthday party without her lover Beth because they are fighting. She may never go back to her girlfriend Beth. Ever!

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