Space craft Well Spring is marooned in space and the ship's omnipotent computer aids the crew in their survival.


Commander Champari Protia, second in command of the space craft Well Spring is the only member of the crew awake on an intergalactic expedition to the planet Diavolos. She has been wakened by the failsafe system because the ship has been hit by a meteor shower.

The ship has been damaged to the point that none of the other sleeping crew can be wakened and Champari cannot return to her slumber. The ship is stranded, and millions of light years from their home planet Choma.

Champari has protracted dialogs with the ships computer to avoid boredom. Still the need for interaction with living beings becomes an obsession for Champari. The 'helpful' computer comes to the rescue and finds a way to resolve the loneliness issue Champari is suffering and address her growing need for intimacy.

The computer's help seems a godsend and Champari soon has a companion, Potiphar. Life stranded in space becomes bearable. Things are looking up. Or are they? The computer seems to be manipulating time causing Champari to lose track of time and whole days at a time.

The blank moments in time start to worry her and she learns from her computer generated companion Potiphar, the two of them are being used by the computer to complete some unknown project. Why won't the computer let them know the details of this mysterious project? Should she confront the computer?


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