Two young college coeds, attending a popular Sumerian Folk Festival,  have just broken up. Nerdy Jodi and Sorority Girl Dawn. Dawn feels Jodi is boring. Jodi is crushed. Dawn is insensitive to her former lover.

Two lovers, Jodi and Dawn, attend a popular middle eastern festival. The festival gives tribute to the Sumerian culture from ancient times. Dawn uses this opportunity to tell Jodi she has broken off her relationship with her because she feels Jodi is boring and has failed to grow intellectually and emotionally like Dawn.

Jodi is devastated and embarrassed because Dawn did this to her in the middle of the Sumerian Festival. At Dawn’s suggestion, the two college girls split and go their separate ways. The separation only a short time when from the other side of the festival Jodi hears Dawn's cries for help. And Jodi rushes to her aid.

Jodi's life is changed forever during her attempt to save her abducted ex-girlfriend. In her impetuous rush to help; Jodi crashes into not one but two huge muscular women, who are engaged in a tug of war with her girlfriend.
Unknown to Jodi, changes have been put in motion at that moment in time. She has no idea the mysterious and bizarre situations she is about to find herself in. She finds herself bouncing between different dimensions and finds it difficult to determine in which world she belongs.


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