Erotic Fantasies 


Harper’s Bizarre Positions

A collection of strange worlds, odd occurrences and baffling scenarios, all connected to a girl named Harper.

What if everyone you met had your name?

Living in a Dream
Harper is beginning to get strange feelings when her roommate, of nearly two years, starts wearing very little around the apartment.

Out Post Aphrodite
Harper is a very sexy Astronaut, who has overcome huge obstacles to get to where she is today

Secrets of Antiquity
Harper, a young Chinese engineer has suffered several disappointments in her job. Still wallowing in self-pity, she receives a call from a mysterious art collector that may change her life forever.

Strange Lesbian Incident
Harper is abducted by aliens determined to invade planet earth, enslave humanity and expand their species. All Harper needs to do to prevent the invasion, is survive a series of fights with several large female alien warriors. Win and save the planet, lose and die.

Blackpool Trip with a Vampire
Harper is a 43 year old widowed mother of two. Now an empty nester she decides to take a bike tour of Blackpool England a lifelong dream


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