Apprentice Mage Reinys, starts out on a Journey all girls from her society are made to take on their eighteenth birthday.

The morning of her eighteenth birthday, Reinys prepares to set out on her obligatory Journey, all girls her age must endure to attain adulthood and find their life goals.

Her parents help her to prepare for this ritual, wish her the best, and accompany her to the village gates to see her off. Joining the tiny sendoff is Reinys best friend Laena., a friend Reinys has more than platonic feelings for.

The first day of the year long journey, Reinys encounters the Slurpemits, a sexually charged translucent leech type creature that thrives on female excretions and the inexperienced girl is soon sapped of all her strength due to the ministrations of the sticky blob.

Eventually, the young Reinys is able to escape the clutches of the Slurpemit and is filled with optimism as she is able to continue her trek. But the following morning she is snared by the clever and horny elf, Soora. Soora has plans for the young Reinys and her captor quickly has her bound and locked in a cage.

The first two day of the Journey have begun in disastrous events, and in Reinys' mind it looks doubtful she will ever be able to complete her necessary trek and perhaps perish at the lusty hands of the over sexed elf.


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