Time Travel. Astral Projection. They Both Leas to an...ERA OF DECEPTION

High School senior, Mattie Merrill, is pulled from a car wreck and tended to by a mysterious Hippy lady, Meg. Meg is astral projectionist.

Mattie is an eighteen year old senior in high school. Lost in her thoughts driving home from school she nearly hits a pedestrian and wrecks her car into the weeds alongside of the road.

Meg Matthews, helps Mattie from the wreck and takes her back to her place. There Mattie realizes that Meg is a twenty first century style Hippy. Meg tells Mattie all about her practice of astral projection which has the younger girl enthralled.

Meg offers to teach Mattie the skill and soon both are off on trips through time and space. Mattie even becomes proficient enough to travel alone for short trips. This continues for several weeks.

One day at the end of summer, Meg reveals that she would like for Meg to accompany her back in time for a special Amazon festival held on the Atlantean continent. Mattie readily agrees. Later, after the trip Mattie has questions about the trip and wonders if she made a mistake going with Meg.


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