Two bitter enemies find themselves in a peculiar situation after one of them  has been attacked by a vampire.


Bad girl Millicent Frost, has fled for her life from a lusting vampire. The lusting entity comes to her room to try and have her way with her. During the commotion of the escape Millicent's mother is killed and the bad girl is fortunate to escape with her own life.

Seeking safety in the murky darkness of an immense forest, Millicent eventually realizes she has fled her pursuers without clothes. Millicent has just come to grips with her situation when out of the shadows a very large female vampire emerges and Millicent is soon in a similar predicament she just recently fled from. But this time she is unable to escape or avoid the horrible bite of the red eyed vampire.

Traumatized by the event with the vampire, Millicent falls unconscious, then finds herself awakened in the home of a former rival and enemy. Due to her horrific run in with the vampire, Millicent is in no shape to complain about her situation or to leave. And settles in to recuperate in the toxic environment.

During her convalescence, it is discovered that Millicent had indeed been bitten by the vampire and learns her conversion to the life of a vampire comes with some side effects no one ever dreamed of happening. Or thought possible.


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