An astrophysicist and a Navy captain are returning from a two year voyage to Mars when they get some earth shattering news.

Nicci a naval pilot and Alex a scientist, are returning from an exploratory trip to Mars. They have been away from Earth for nearly two years and both are anxious to get back.

The return trip is pretty routine as all the tests have been completed and only ship diagnostics are required. There are infrequent transmissions from Earth and it is one of those rare transmissions that sets their world into a completely different obit.

The Earth transmission is news of an impending crisis that will affect earth but not their return voyage. But the news is no less comforting to them and both try to wrap their minds around the information. Professor Stonecraft on earth keep the women apprised of the final countdown to the crisis.

Each woman deals with the news in her own way, and both do whatever they can to relieve the tension they each are experiencing. Mediation, physical activity and daily routines help but they crave a more intimate relief. Alex and Nicci pursue different directions to achieve that but in the end they arrive at the same point.


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