Regina is startled in her dorm room by a loud crash outside her window. When she goes to explore the world a she knows it changes forever.

Regina has decided to stay at college during the winter break. She has the room to herself and is occupying her time with a favorite pastime of hers. Watching porn and prolonging her arousal.

Her erotic dreams are interrupted by a horrendous crash outside the dorm and she hurries out to explore the cause. She discovers a very large vessel. A space ship maybe? It has crashed into a lake nearby. But it was what emerged from the craft that shocked her to the point of unconsciousness.

She awakes the next morning and see the source of her shock from the night before and when she is able to unravel all that has happened she comes to the conclusion the world, rather the universe are nothing like she ever imagined. Earth is not the only inhabited planet and humanoid life varies from universe to universe.


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