Earth vessel Caprica stops after six months of space duty on the Planet Helo. As expected the troopers and crew are eager for shore leave.

An Interstellar Vessel from Earth stops on the distant planet Helo, after six months in space. The all-female crew and troops are eager for some much needed time off and as soon as they can they are looking for companionship on the planet’s surface.

The Earth women, however, do their best to keep out of sight of the Minister of Illumination; a zealous and puritanical religious leader aboard the Caprica. The Minister frowns on all sexual activity that is outside the bounds of the guidelines of their sacred writings.

The inhabitants of Helo are mostly muscular but very attractive, but the crew is oblivious to the Helo's androgynous appearance as long as the companionship is pleasurable. The Heloan’s are determined to make sure they get all the pleasure they can while on the planet.

There is a surprise that none of the Earth women expected, the Heloans reveal they are either Clenchers or Injectors and the type of pleasurable companionship they offer at first confuses the Earthlings. However it’s easy to take surprise and soon all are gripped by passionate Heloan’s enthusiasm.

However, the Heloan's soon have the Earth women licking into shape and experience the most memorable leave they have ever had. But when the Minister of Illumination discovers the sordid lesbian activities going on between the ship personnel and the Heloan's; she convince the captain flee the planet in great haste.


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