Violent Vixens of Neso&The Phoenix Revenge

A seasoned band of lesbian rebels declare war on the evil Sator Empire!


Daron, a young cyber tech and Nyssa a mature veteran of intergalactic combat team up to take on the immense power of the evil Sator Empire.

Using scraps from Nyssa's spaceship junk yard, the two piece together a harmless looking freighter, and transform it into a fast attacking lethal space craft, that soon becomes the thorn in the Empires side .

Raiding military installation throughout the Solar System, the team strikes, neutralizing the combat capabilities wherever they find them. In addition, appropriating any hard currency they find during their raid.

A slight complication arises when an unexpected torrid relationship develops between Nyssa and Daron, and the result will either become a distraction to their mission or bind them closer and work more like a single entity. One guess what the Satorian are hoping for.


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