A video game programmer creates a  Virtual Reality game that is so intense she gets hooked and lets it dominate her life.

Airiam hates video games. She hates them because she has never been very good at them. So she decides to create one of her own. And she does. The side effect of her game is that it is addicting. The action captivates her and eventually the game takes over her life to the exclusion of everything else. The addiction wreaks havoc on her personal life and social life.

Once she has refined and mastered the game, she finds herself in a world of lesbian aliens. In that world she is aggressively chased through the game. After playing a few times; the game haunts her. She has taken the virtual reality of the game and made it her reality.

She realizes the mess she is in and decides to see if the game has the same effect on others. She enlists two girls in her apartment try the game to see if they react the same as Airiam. To her surprise the two girls are embroiled in the game for no more than twenty minutes and they are sexually aroused and passionately engaged in lesbian sex.

Once Airiam sees this; she realizes the potential of the game and insinuates it into her own personal life, that is still suffering from her addiction to the game. She knows it’s a desperate move but if it works it will be worth it.




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