Three women join together under unusual circumstances, and learn that each of them has a unique history.

Three women, two black and one white, Keisha, Rae and Tanya have found themselves connected by circumstance that defy logic. Each shares a unique ancestry that carries with it unusual traits and characteristics. Rae is the last of the trio to learn of her situation.

Keisha and her step-daughter Tanya are people that live under the radar, in some areas of the US they would be called gypsies, illegals or even worse. The fact that Rae has joined them is not as mysterious as she herself thinks. She has been drawn to them by some innate sense and had no control over the direction it took her.

All three women share one commonality, they are lesbians, making things even more difficult. Rae and Keisha are raising Tanya a rebellious eighteen year old that finds herself continuously in trouble from turning tricks and breaking and entering. Rae is learning first hand, through raising Tanya, what it is like to be a teen and even more so a black teen and the temptation that they are confronted with daily. .


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