Julie has just split with her partner and heads to a lesbian bar to alleviate some of the depression she is feeling.

Sometime in the late twenty first century, a time of driver-less cars and sophisticated robotics mankind still suffers from the common cold, global warming and depression.

As an example, dejected, depressed and just miserable, Julie has tried everything to get over her former partner she recently split with. Self-pleasuring helps somewhat but is only a temporary solution. She decides to spend a Saturday night at an all lesbian night club and forget her misery one way or another. Through drink and debauchery.

The erotic atmosphere of the Lesbian night club catches Julie's interest and she ends up leaving with one of the girls that performed in a simulated catfight. And she learns a lot about wine from the female wrestler.

Rhoda, the girl wrestler, seems too good to be true, sexy, beautiful and approachable. In spite of that, Julie falls under the sexy Rhoda's spell and it’s not until the two have been intimate that Julie learns Rhoda's secret. Though the secret is horrifying yet erotic, Julie stoically accepts the situation and makes the most of the situation. Rhoda did cure Julie's depression and all with the standard deviation limits.


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