A world, many centuries in the future, finds Jacqueline and Kerri in a symbiotic mistress and concubine arrangement. Both sharing an unusual love for each other that is misunderstood by others.

Jacqueline is one of ten concubines possessed by the mistress Kerri. They live on one of the moons of Pluto. Kerri is a slave trader and lesbian in a polyandry situation with her ten concubines.

The social structure of that time encourages such arrangements and looks the other way to Kerri's galactic slave trading. Jacqueline and Kerri have been friends for many year even before Kerri became her mistress. So Kerri allows her oldest concubine a certain latitude in her behavior.

That latitude is tested when Kerri wants Jacqueline to make love to another woman. A move that is humiliating to Jacqueline and that Kerri is oblivious to. When the reality of what Kerri made her friend and concubine do she is overcome with guilt and embarrassment.

It takes the youngest concubine, Madison to hold Kerri's hand and talk her through her guilt and shame, and stroke Jacqueline's ego to alleviate her humiliation. As a reward Kerri takes Jacqueline and Madison on a brief vacation to a resort on a nearby moon. The time there is filled with erotic and passionate situations.

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