Young Willow begins to have disturbing nightmares soon after her widower father marries the beautiful Rose.

High born Willow MacGreagor lives in relative luxury while all around her struggle to survive. Death is no stranger to the land, and even to her family. Her birth mother died of unknown circumstances when she was not yet a teen.

Willow's father realizing is not up to the task of raising his two girls, Willow and her sister Rowan so he takes another wife, Rose who is only a few years older than Willow. The new stepmother and her new daughters get along splendidly and things resume to a normalcy. For a time.

The normal life style is short lived, and Willow starts to experience disturbing nightmares and frightening dreams. The dreams evolve from dark and scary to stark and overtly erotic. Something that Willow keeps to herself. When her sister Rowan tells her about the governess sleepwalking realizes there is a dark secret in their household.

The quirkiness of her existence continues and Willow slowly begins to see a darkness outside her nightmares. Erotic darkness, that sucks Willow into its control. Along with Willow her governess May and even her friend Daisy are drawn into the situation.

Willow is undaunted and continues to unravel the secret darkness, and learns things about her governess, her best friend even her mysterious and beautiful stepmother. Will is on the edge of doubt about the revelations she is about to uncover, but her step mother guides her right into the eye of the storm that is her life.


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