Assault on the Resinite Throne

Empress Sithandra of the embattled  Kingdom of Rotas attempts to build and alliance with her cousin Freya Queen of Myrinia.

Empress Sithandra of the Rotas Empire attempts to build and alliance with her cousin Freya Queen of Myrinia. The alliance is critical because the armies of Rotas are stretched thin in an attempt to control the outer regions of the Empire.

The culture of Rotas is lesbian and so strong is the culture, there is a royal tutor to instruct ladies in the proper aspects of lesbianism. From sex to deportment. Inari the instructor sex instructor rules the lesbian academy with an iron fist, bombarding the trainees with techniques, mental focusing and other erotic skill sets. The focus on the lustful pleasures had dulled the people of Rotas’s awareness of the impending doom.

The inhabitants of the royal palace are oblivious to the tenuous military situation. Causing Sithandra to try an overcome the complacency of the royalty who have gotten so caught up in their own pleasures and needs they’ve lost sight of the fact they have left the palace unguarded, and vulnerable to an attack.

Sithandra calls a trusted general into aid in the situation the valiant military commander Anda, who tries to maintain calm and avert panic over the situation and brings the Freya and the Myrine's into her confidence.

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