Pride comes before the fall...


Eisheth or Ice, has been thrown out of Paradise and banished to earth among the humans. She uses unwitting Lilith to help her regain her powers and avenge the judgement.

Lilith stumbles upon Eisheth while driving through the country late one evening. She learns that Eisheth or Ice as Lilith begins to call her, is a banished messenger or fallen angel that has been cast out of the Kingdom of the Supreme.

The much shaken up Ice, is tended to by Lilith and in doing so they get embroiled in a relationship. The angel has never had sex, lesbian or otherwise and Lilith offers to rectify that situation. The demoness is a quick learner.

The apparent helpless banished one is not all she seems, once she recuperates from the shock of the fall, she begins her plan to avenge her banishment using the unwitting Lilith. With malice in her black heart, the demoness slowly works her magic on the human female.

Lilith takes the fallen angel home and feeds her for the first time, and continues the passionate affair, causing Lilith to fall hopelessly in love with the demoness. The demon is patient and uses the power of dreams to mold the human female into a pawn for her needs.

One such dream Lilith endures, is a nightmare, and in the terrifying dream she sees Ice for the person she really is. Will Lilith be able to escape this unworldly grip Ice has on her?


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